WhatsApp users on iOS will now be able to pause voicemail recording

Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp has released two new features for iOS users. Now users will be able to pause voice recordings on iPhone. Additionally, WhatsApp is also introducing Focus Mode support found on the latest version of iOS, i.e. iOS 15. While these features are currently being rolled out, it may require -be a while to all users to get their hands on the new WhatsApp. features for iOS.

It is important to note that the ability to pause voicemails was spotted in October 2021. As of now, the new feature that allows users to pause voice recordings is only available on iOS. There is no information as to when the feature will be available to users on Android. However, WhatsApp has been seen in the past to try to maintain a similar experience on both iOS and Android versions. Therefore, the feature to pause voice recordings on WhatsApp might not be absent from Android for too long.

WhatsApp for iOS gets the ability to pause voice recordings

The ability to pause and resume an in-progress voice recording has been added to the messaging platform with WhatsApp v22.5.75. When recording voicemails on iPhone, users will now see pause and resume buttons instead of the stop recording button that was previously available. To try out the new features, users can start recording their voice and lock it (swipe up on the recording icon). Afterwards, users will see pause, record and preview buttons along with the option to delete the voice recording as well.

Another feature that has been launched for iOS users is Focus mode support. It allows WhatsApp users to receive messages only from a selected set of users as the user tries to concentrate on the task at hand. Previously, Focus mode on iPhone failed to display a notification on the screen. In related news, WhatsApp users will be able to migrate their chat history between Android and iOS devices as the developers are close to completing the feature.

The migration process will most likely use a cable or private Wi-Fi connection, and both devices will need to have the app installed. According to reports from GSM Arena, source code discovered in WhatsApp 22.2.74 beta version for iOS recently revealed. Currently, owning a smartphone made by Samsung is the only certified way to sync WhatsApp data between an iOS and Android phone. Transferring from iPhone to Samsung works one way, using the cable and Samsung’s SmartSwitch app, according to GSM Arena.

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