UT publishes the top 10 program times on the first day of the invitation

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – Tennessee swimming and diving combined to set 32 ​​personal bests and place 10 times in the top 10 in the program’s record books, as Vols and Lady Vols opened on day one of the Tennessee Invitational at the Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center Thursday.

First-year student Jordan crooks clocked an impressive time of 19.39 in the 50 freestyle to move up to third place in program history. The brand won the test for Flights. Nolan briggs (19.58) placed third, Scott Scanlon (19.60) finished fourth and Micah Rooms (19.74) finished sixth in the A final.

Second year Rafael Ponce de Leon Castilla won the 500 freestyle with a time of 4: 17.10, which placed sixth in UT history. Joey tepper placed fourth in the A final with a personal best 4: 21.17. First-year student Gus Rothrock complemented the strong performance of the men, clocking a time of 1: 46.04 in the 200 IM for sixth place. The note placed sixth in the program’s record books.

“Really happy with the energy and balance we ran with today”, associate head coach Rich Murphy noted. “Rafael’s and Jordan’s races were very important, both in the context of this competition but also historically, as they were in the top 10 in our program. Just very good enthusiasm at all levels, and the majority from tonight’s races we swam faster than we swam in the morning. I think that’s a key personality trait of a team that is successful at the championship level. We just want to keep moving forward tomorrow and do a really good job tonight taking care of ourselves, getting well, refueling, going to bed early and going out very competitive tomorrow morning. “

On the women’s side, first year students Julia mrozinski and Ellen walshe improved their personal bests from earlier in the day with strong performances in the final. Mrozinski clocked a time of 4: 38.82 in the 500 freestyle to place second and third in Lady Vol’s record books. Walshe’s mark of 1: 54.77 in the 200 IM was second in the event and placed third in UT history.

Still in the 200 IM, Alexis yager took third place with a time of 1: 56.38 followed by Sara stotler (1: 57,27) in fifth. Stotler’s brand ranked eighth in Lady Vol’s history. To complete the free 500, Kristen stege (4: 40.62) finished fifth in the event, while Alyssa Breslin (4: 42.91) placed seventh. Breslin’s brand propelled her to 10th place in the record books.

In the 50 freestyle, the Lady Vols finished third, fourth and fifth. Anna-Julia Kutsch clocked a time of 21.89, which placed fifth in program history. Mona McSharry (22.25) and Jasmine rumley (22.31) rounded out Tennessee’s performances in the A final.

“We had a lot of great performances in three different individual events today and two relays; really happy with everyone’s performance at all levels”, associate head coach Ashley Jahn noted. “Both relays with A Cups heading to the NCAA and a lot of people under what last year’s guest time was in the NCAA. A lot of better times when I look at our times chart. I’m really happy with it. the way everyone did: freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. “

In the relays, the Tennessee women recorded NCAA A Cut times in the 200 freestyle relay (1: 28.19) and 400 medley relay (3: 28.91) and were third in both events of the day. . With a range of Josephine Fuller, McSharry, Walshe and Rumley, the brand of Lady Vol’s 400 QN relay placed fifth in program history. Fuller posted a 52.57 lead in the 100 backstroke, which placed eighth in the UT record books. McSharry and Rumley were also members of the 200 Free Relay, joined by Kutsch and Emma Carlton.

The Crooks, Chambers, Briggs and Scanlon UT men’s 200 freestyle relay notched an NCAA B Cut time of 1: 17.80 for second.

In diving, second year Bryden hattie won the 3-meter with a score of 398.25. Earlier today, he set a personal best 412.65 in the prelims. Jacob Reason was fourth with a personal best 344.45.

On the women’s side, the seniors Grace Cable took second place on the 1 meter with a score of 282.40. Emily ann wolfson (275.90) ​​and Kara holt (258.35) placed fifth and sixth respectively.

“I’m proud of our three men who each record PRs on the 3m today”, diving coach Dave parrington noted. “Bryden was a model of consistency all day. He had some really good things. Dillon richardson was strong in the preliminaries. Jake, I was very proud of him today. He earned his personal best in the final and earned an NCAA zone score. It had been pestering him in the last few encounters, and he finally managed to get rid of it. I was really happy with it.

“On the women’s side we had some real highlights. The biggest moment was Emily Ann getting her zone qualifying score. Same as Jake, she knocked on the door and was a little frustrated but was finally figured it out. I think now we’ll see her fly. Kara had a great preliminary and a good final. Her score might not have been a PR, but her performance was the best I have seen from her 1m . Grace hit the board with her shoulder in the prelims and made it to the final anyway. It’s a situation that can be really scary and can shake someone up. She got out of it, showed a Incredible resilience today and was not shaken by any shape or form. She came back and finished second. I was really proud of what I saw of her in this situation. It was a very strong day for us. We will take this and move on to tomorrow. It is a construction situation to pre parrying for the SEC and NCAA, so that was a good move. “

The second day preliminaries will begin at 10 a.m. with the 100 butterfly, 400 IM, 200 freestyle, 100 breaststroke and 100 backstroke events. The dive will compete at 1 p.m. with the men in the 1 meter and the women in the 3 meters. The swim portion of the finals will begin at 6:00 p.m. with the 200 IM relay and 800 freestyle relay added to the evening rotation.

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