REPORT: Major heat on Shane McMahon for trying to book WWE Royal Rumble around him

Shane McMahon made his WWE Royal Rumble return and although he got a good pop from the fans who attended the show, there were people behind the scenes who were upset with the way McMahon handled things in the backstage before the show.

Ringside News reports there’s a “substantial amount” of heat on Shane, who was also given the role of lead writer and producer for the Men’s Rumble match. McMahon’s actions have been said to be the talk of people in WWE today.

A source from the creative team reportedly said McMahon “openly buried Jamie Noble” and tried to book the Rumble match around him. It was also noted that McMahon was confrontational and was adamant about putting himself on top. He was described by RSN as “fighting with people to do it”.

The RSN source said McMahon angered the entire locker room after he “fought everyone off” and booked himself to be part of the last remaining group of wrestlers in the match.

A source reportedly said, “When Shane has more impact in the Rumble than Big E or Owens, even people who don’t normally complain complain loudly today.”

The final four in the Men’s Rumble were Brock Lesnar, Bad Bunny, Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

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