Orange Book of Results 2020 (Volume 3): Key Results Achieved at Country Level – Global


Inspired by the more than 1,250 voluntary commitments made to address the unfinished business of the 1994 Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, announced at the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 in November 2019, staff and UNFPA partners in more than 150 countries have worked tirelessly, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, to progress towards achieving three truly transformative results: (i) ending the unmet need for modern contraceptives; (ii) end all preventable maternal deaths; and (iii) end gender-based violence and all harmful practices against women and girls, including child marriage and female genital mutilation.

The 2020 UNFPA Orange Book tells a story of resilience, adaptation and unwavering commitment to the people we serve during the most difficult year since the founding of the United Nations.

While the record of the past year over entire generations and its impact on progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals has yet to be defined, we have witnessed how people around the world have chosen to respond. crisis and overcome it – and UNFPA was no exception.

Despite the risks, unexpected interruptions in program delivery and the toll on our colleagues, partners and beneficiaries, UNFPA has strived to continue to meet sexual and reproductive health and rights needs, particularly populations and groups most left behind.
By sharing these high-quality results, we not only wish to engage the public on our work and mission and our collective achievements with our partners, but we also hope to inspire others to pause, reflect and adapt to s ‘ensure that no one is left behind.

We still have time until the 2030 deadline – let’s make it count.

Diene Keita

Deputy Executive Director (Program)

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