New PS5 report worries PlayStation Plus subscribers

A new PS5 report has good news for everyone except PlayStation Plus subscribers on the console. Earlier in the year, we reported that the PS5 had CBOMB / CMOS issues, which meant that if your console’s battery died, you would lose all ability to play digital games in a hypothetical future where servers PSN would no longer exist. That said, a few months ago this issue was fixed, PlayStation fans at least thought so. Although Sony fixed the issue this year and mainly fixed the issue, it is not completely resolved.

As it plays on Twitter, physical PS5 and PS4 games that struggled to install on a console with a dead battery no longer have issues. This also applies to PS4 and PS5 digital games. It does not apply to PlayStation Plus games, or in other words, to games that you have on your console through PlayStation Plus.

Now if you read the fine print of PlayStation Plus, you will know that you don’t own any of the games that you download through this one. You basically have extended rentals. This is why if your subscription expires, you lose access to these games. So it makes sense that PlayStation Plus games won’t work if the service goes away. That said, it’s still not ideal.

Many pay for PlayStation Plus to play games online. However, there are PS4 and PS5 games that pay the monthly free game fees. And that’s good, of course. You always get what you pay for. However, it is important to keep in mind that your access to these games is limited.

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