New children’s book ‘From the pocket of an overcoat’ tells the neighborhood’s origin story

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A writer and illustrator of children’s books in Los Angeles has published “From the Pocket of an Overcoat” just in time for back-to-school reading, the press release tells us. Robert Vincent’s story “takes young readers on a lively and meaningful journey that affirms individuality and acceptance through excellent storytelling”.

And it sounds wonderful. But what really caught our eye was that the main cat character, Max Buckles, is based on an actual kitten carried in the pocket of a Dallas woman who was homeless.

It seems that the author’s son, Matthew (now a violinist with the Oakland Symphony and Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera) was attending Southern Methodist University here when he adopted the current Max.

His mother Kathy Vincent told us about Mr. Buckles’ origin story. It was 2009 and a freezing December day in Dallas when Matthew encountered the bundled up woman in Albertson’s lot on Mockingbird. She housed several strays, both canine and feline, in her overcoat and asked people to pick them up, Kathy said. So undergrad gave Max a home. “When Max was a kitten, he behaved like a dog because he was only around dogs for the first few months of his life,” Kathy explains.

The resulting story is about “an affable cat”, Max Buckles, and, according to the editors, “how he finds himself and makes his way to a new home – from Sally’s cozy overcoat pocket in town, to the countryside with Farmer Buckles and his other animals, including four dogs – Sam, Tots, Scotty (who is not Scottish but is checkered) and Junior Buckles. Along the way, he discovers a real sense of belonging within his new family.As told through the journey of Max the cat, it is a story about self-identity, acceptance and rescuing and adopting animals.

The author says: “As teachers and students return to school after a surreal few years, this book puts things into perspective and gives everyone a welcome dose of love, fun and humor.”

you can buy it here.

And readers can follow the book on instagram and Facebookand can also email [email protected] with proof of purchase to get a special thank you note from Max himself.

A portion of every book sale will be donated to organizations that promote animal rescue and adoption, including human society, Best friends and Alley Cat Allies.

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