MCC Relief Auction Still Feeling Pandemic Pressures –

The Brandon MCC relief auction has been officially canceled for this fall. Typically, the MCC auction was held in September, where MCC supporters gathered for the infamous quilt auction, farmer’s market, book sale, bargain tables and traditional meal. of perogy and peasant sausages garnished with schmonfaat (cream sauce)!

Covid continues to take its toll on committee members.

Around the time we really needed to get organized and get things done, several of us had just come down with Covid and we were all feeling a little conflicted about whether to encourage a large gathering at the fall,” says Brandon’s Acting Sales Committee Chairman, Henry Buhler.

“The decision was made not to make a sale this year,” he adds. “The decision is a little late, but we finally said it was too late to organize one and we still don’t feel comfortable doing it anyway.”

Planning, coordinating and hosting an event of this magnitude requires a large group of volunteers. Buhler says they’ll have to brainstorm as a committee to look at options going forward.

“I, for one, can barely see our volunteer base (which is shrinking a bit like other organizations that rely on volunteers) doing anything of the nature of the Manitoba Hall at the Keystone Center for a relief sale. If we could have a Mennonite dinner in the parking lot, or some other idea. We’ll talk about that in the fall and see if anyone has any ideas of what we could do to continue to support MCC, and more to hold the people at Westman aware of MCC and the work we do there.”

“What next year will bring, I can hardly speculate,” adds Buhler.

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