Married pastor ‘Mumma’ had gangster boyfriend – court filing

A police officer who supposedly “respected” Andre “Blackman” Bryan, the leader of the One Don faction of the Clansman gang, allegedly provided the criminal organization with vital information about the operations of the Spanish Town police station, including his investigation. of the gang itself.

The revelation was made by Stephanie ‘Mumma’ Christie, a St Thomas pastor and alleged major gang agent, in a secretly taped phone conversation between herself and a former gang member turned state witness.

The taped statement was released on Wednesday as the witness continued to testify in chief, the second phase of which began last Wednesday at the gang trial in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

Christie said the officer was assigned to the Spanish Town Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB). She also said he was charged with murder, but was later released from the charge.

She said the officer was a friend of a friend of her mobster boyfriend.

That boyfriend was “Crocs” – defendant Fabian Johnson – one of 33 defendants on trial.

Earlier testimony at last year’s trial suggested Christie was married, as she was arrested by law enforcement while attending her husband’s ordination at a church in St Thomas in 2019.

During the mobile phone conversation with the witness that took place in court on Wednesday, she said the officer told her about an unmarked red patrol car that was assigned to the police station.

“Yeah man I’ll tell you got a cop down there ah CIB enuh. He killed ah yute and took him off his frontline duty, got him off the job, but he won the case.

“But ah friend Crocs, we’re dead brothers. From a pin to an anchor, get him rated B (Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan) like that, you see? So any little thing show him a little wah gwaan and sit down,” she said.

“Eeeeh,” replied the witness.

“Yeah man. One man even knows that new red car came out with… (plate),” Christie said.

According to Christie, the same cop had recorded a “riddim” at Bryan’s studio on Jones Avenue in Spanish Town.

“Yeah, man, because he thinks the hombre (Bryan) is bad. Ah, I know him, I know him.

“Oh good thing we got him pan fi wi side man… Yeah man, keep it connected with him,” the eyewitness told the pastor.

In another secret recording, the raging question of disloyalty within the gang comes up once again.

The ‘City Puss’ gangster and the witness were discussing how they could get rid of the disloyal members.

“Ah wanna hold b%$%&&y Rhazeem (a gang member). Ah Rivoli I hear him deh,” City Puss said.

Additionally, the men also explored how they would carry a cell phone into Bryan’s holding cell.

“I wanna chat with G (Bryan). We all gon’ mek weed reach di G. All phone man wanna enuh dawg. Mi said Squeeze Eye (another gang member) and him a gwaan like ap $#$ $ under him foot dawg,” complained City Puss.

“If I get a banga (cell phone), how did it reach it?” asked the witness.

“From his reach, I can handle it man,” City Puss replied.

He added, “Mi told yute fi dig money on the road tomorrow (and) buy it. If ah even fi tief a phone or tek one a di man dem phone and i buy it back.”

The conversation then shifted to City Puss suggesting he wanted to steal his licensed firearm from a businessman, to resell it to him for $500,000.

“I’m calling di bwoy Peter; there’s dis mi say nutten nah gwaan. Mi there’s mi pressurized him bl$%$%%# cause I want tek dah piece deh on him,” City Puss shared .

“Piece” was symbolic for the legal weapon, the witness later told the court.

“Who’s name is Peter?” asked the witness.

“Peter… Dah big man deh weh ran a piece of cash ova deh man, and call mi ah seh Buckie wants $50k every week (or) end of month. Something like that,” City Puss replied.

Meanwhile, an attempt by the prosecution to introduce a voice note from City Puss to the witness failed on Wednesday.

The presiding judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, said the prosecution needed to do more to ensure that this tape meets the requirements of the law for amending evidence.

He pointed out that City Puss was the producer of this audio, not the witness.

Sykes said prosecutors will need to present other evidence in court to prove the device that produced the voice note was functional, a requirement mandated by the Evidence Amendment Act.

Bryan, Christie and 31 other men are on trial under the Criminal Justice Act 2014 (Criminal Organizations Act), better known as the anti-gang legislation, on a 25-count indictment of accusation.

The men and woman were charged with multiple offenses including membership in a criminal organization, unlawful possession of firearms, unlawful possession of ammunition, accessory to murder and arson.

The offenses were allegedly committed between January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2019 in Sainte-Catherine.

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