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WENATCHEE, Wash. – Stemilt’s BB #: 113654 Highlights: The cast are back and begin their fall comeback by analyzing the last eight weeks of Nielsen retail scan data ending October 4, 2021.

Stemilt Marketing Director Brianna Shales and Communications Manager Katie Harmon report on the latest apple trends and provide insight on how to prepare for the arrival of Cosmic Crisp in a few weeks.

Over the past eight weeks, the apple category has seen good activity thanks to the 2021 harvest which began in early August. Branded strains, like Rave and SweeTango, were among the first premium branded strains to become available and got the category off to a good start.

“We saw several apple promotions early in the season that helped these two Honeycrisp successors off to a good start,” Shales explains. “With the first shipments of Rave starting in early August, the apple ended up ranking 16th nationally in terms of sales, 12th in the West Coast region and 13th in the Midwest region. “

Shales also said SweeTango has performed well, placing 13th nationally and third for a Best Club apple, but maximum promotion is only just beginning, so a better picture will be available in the next dataset.

Overall, dollars from apples were up nine percent from August and September 2021 to 2020, while volume was down nearly three and a half percent. Shales said that with these dollars rising, the downward trend in volume will continue throughout the year as the national projection for the apple harvest is down.

“Due to several weather events that occurred across the country, the projected national harvest was short, creating a ripple effect for the remainder of the season,” Shales says. “However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing affecting the numbers. Bags have also become a bigger part of the sales mix and have seen their dollar sales increase 14% from a year ago.

Retailers have increased the prices of bags thanks to strong demand caused by the pandemic and consumers looking for a contactless option. Since the bags sell themselves, retailers should plan several multi-variety ads around bulk fruit to encourage movement, including branded varieties and the top five base varieties.

“We haven’t seen much change in the top five base varieties from last year and Honeycrisp continued to lead the pack with 30% of category sales nationwide,” Shales said. . “Retailers have also taken advantage of these first new crop promotions, which have moved more volumes compared to the same period the year before.”

Although Honeycrisp has an early advantage thanks to its harvest window, retail prices have remained the same from the 2020 crop year, while others in the top five have seen significant increases year over year. ‘other.

“It’s great to see retailers take advantage of the early period and gain ground on apples,” says Shales. “But it’s important that retailers continue to ensure that prices are in line with the expected increase in the promotion, so they don’t run out of cash. “

Retailers should also welcome the highly anticipated arrival of Cosmic Crisp. With its commercialization earlier than ever – around November 8 – retailers can expect it to boost sales in the coming quarters.

“As retailers plan for the holiday season and the upcoming New Years, it’s important that the club apples you choose to wear stand out from other apples as something special,” says Shales. “Use packaging, displays, signage and more to make this distinction, which is a challenge given the workforce and other constraints that retailers currently face. However, when an apple club has a plan and that plan is executed well, the efforts pay off both in the performance of the category and, most importantly, the delighted consumers. “

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