IC Realtime ANPR Camera | Security Information Monitoring

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., July 7, 2022 (Newswire.com) – For the past 16 years, Florida-based IC Realtime has been an “industry insider” B2B provider of highly automated HD and 4K video camera systems for security and operations management.

While operating cautiously during pandemic shutdowns, chip shortages and supply chain disruptions, the company has also moved most of its manufacturing to South Korea and added artificial intelligence (AI) integration ) to its cameras and recorders.

“South Korea and Japan are making our key components now, and we’re getting even better performance and reliability,” according to company founder Matt Sailor. “Our dealers and integrators value reliable products. Running a truck or dispatching a technician in the event of a breakdown wastes a lot of resources, so reliable operation is the #1 task for us.”

IC Realtime’s latest product is a AI-enhanced license plate camera. Known as an Automated License Plate Reader (ANPR), the camera features a dedicated AI plate character processor and industry-leading accuracy. The unit comes with a custom multi-position mounting arm and is POE powered. With internal plate processing, this camera can easily integrate with any IP camera system.

When added to an IC Realtime-enabled NVR, the camera binds to the NVR-based detection skills, processing even more information and adding metadata to the video recording. “Plates can be marked in video recording timelines and searched,” Sailor explained. “AI is now integrated into many of our cameras and recorders to improve detection of people and vehicles, but most importantly, reduce false alarms.”

The new ANPR security camera is one of the most advanced versions of AI detection capability. Using a fast-focusing motorized zoom lens and ultra-low-light video sensor, ANPR translates the license plate capture into data inside the camera and l ‘encode in the video stream.

“Repeated non-resident driving is often a sign that trouble is coming,” Sailor observed. “Communities that install and share LPR security cameras with law enforcement help keep areas safe.”

Ideal for community entry points, public or authorized parking lots, and even toll enforcement, this data can allow end users to allow or deny entry by comparing license plate data saved to a Go/No Go database created by the operator.

“We never want to make a camera that just sits back and watches. We’re always thinking of ways to make our security cameras smarter and simpler to alert our users more accurately – so they don’t only know what matters,” says Sailor.

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