Hindu child ‘forcibly circumcised’, police hand over eight-year-old for ‘causing harm’ but spare father Mansoor despite child’s testimony

About police behavior

Speaking about the behavior of the police in the case, Deepa says things went from bad to worse for them.

“When the officers from the Khamariya police station handled our complaint, we reached the SP office. After that, the behavior of the [Town Inspector] changed towards us,” she says. “He scolded my husband for going to SP.”

The SP, according to Deepa, told him: “Kya hum bacche ko fansi laga de? [should we hang the child?]The SP referred to Faizu and dismissed his case.

She says no policeman is considering the role of Mansoor Khan, despite repeated testimonies from the child. She says when they found no help, they called the CM helpline.

After making the call, the municipal inspector called them to the police station and said, “Now that you have tried to reach the CM, only get justice from there,” Deepa says.

See his statement here.

And then

Deepa asked me for help. She said, “Please take our case to higher authorities.”

She says the family is not at all happy with the Khamariya police. The problem was highlighted locally after a few Hindu Jagran Manch volunteers, including a Yogesh Aggarwal, supported them.

This correspondent made several calls to the Khamariya police station from June 25 to July 3 but they went unanswered. The contact details of the investigator in charge of the case, Shiv Kumar Dhurve, are not available in the FIR.

The other number this correspondent found in the control room, received the call once, then stopped receiving it after learning that I was a journalist.

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