Freesat error: channels disappear for some users

Many Freesat users, mainly with Humax decoders, report errors with Freesat’s Electronic Program Guide (EPG), some of Channel 5’s channels – such as 5USA and 5Star – disappearing.

It’s not yet clear where the fault lies, but TV guide information for the affected channels (see full list below) is missing, both on the set-top boxes themselves and on the Freesat website.

In addition to not being able to see future programming information, without a properly updated EPG viewers cannot set future recordings and must manually set schedules if they wish to record anything on these channels.

But it’s even worse for some users, who apparently can’t even watch the affected channels.

Freesat viewers have taken to social media to complain about the issues, with some also contacting us.

Although most of the reports seem to come from Humax box users, if the problem lies with the Freesat EPG, newer Freesat 4K boxes are likely affected as well.

The new Freesat 4K TV boxes

freesat has been around since 2007 and offers over 200 free-to-air TV and radio stations, all delivered via digital satellite.

Last year, a major redesign has been announcedwhen Freesat and Freeview came under the umbrella of one company, digital ukwhich is jointly owned by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

To watch Freesat you need a dish outside your house and a Freesat receiver (see our Freesat boxes recommended here).

Until 2020 Humax was the king of the Freesat decoder world – until they stopped making Freesat boxes. At the moment, Freesat launched a new set of boxes from Commscope (formerly Arris) – both regular and recording boxes that also support 4K.

Nevertheless, many people still use these old Humax Freesat boxes. Therefore, problems with them can affect many viewers.

Earlier this year, there were a large number recording failure issue on some Humax boxesthen in April BBC iPlayer has stopped working on them for a few days.

Humax HDR-1100S Freesat 500 Box
Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Enclosure

Channel 5 Freesat EPG Problems

From the reports we are seeing, the current issue is affecting multiple Channel 5/Paramount owned channels:

  • 5United States (Freesat Channel 129)
  • 5United States+1 (Freesat Channel 130)
  • 5 stars (Freesat Channel 131)
  • 5Select (Freesat Channel 133)
  • 5 stars + 1 (Freesat Channel 141)

Missing Freesat Channels TV Guide

A quick check on Freesat Online EPG shows that at the time of this writing, the lists of these strings are indeed empty.

Some users are also reporting issues with the channels themselves, and not just their listings, with blank screens appearing instead of the actual TV stream.

So far, it looks like there are no issues with Channel 5 itself or with 5Action.

A workaround for those who cannot currently watch (or record) the affected channels on their Freesat box, is to use the Channel 5 streaming app, Mon5if it is available on your Freesat box.

You can also watch My5 via Channel 5 website.

As it’s the weekend, we can’t get an official response from Freesat yet, but we’ll continue to update in the coming days if the issue persists.

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