First Quarter 2022 Global Private Funds Strategies Report

Total fundraising slows as growing fund size pushes LPs to their limits

Private fundraising figures in the first quarter represented just under a quarter of total 2021 fundraising, which could indicate a slowdown in fundraising. Evidence shows that private market fund managers may have ultimately pushed fundraising too far for LPs’ liking, raising much larger funds faster than historical norms according to our latest Global Fund Strategies report. private.

GPs may aspire to raise larger and larger funds, but if LP portfolios do not grow as much overall, their allocations may not keep up, leading to longer fundraising cycles if GPs could not find new sources of capital commitments. Funds are increasing more and more in size. Those who have previously had funds in a family of funds increased the size of their next fund 82.2% of the time in the first quarter.

Our latest Global Private Fund Strategies Report details key fundraising, cash flow and dry powder metrics for all strategies including private equity, venture capital and real estate. Additionally, a spotlight is included this quarter focusing on emerging managers.

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Insight 3
Spotlight on Emerging Managers 8
Capital investment 12
Capital risk 15
Real estate 18
real estate 21
Private debt 24
Fund of funds 27
Secondary 30

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