Families are denied holidays amid a million NHS Covid vaccine app blunders

A retired south London IT manager has found himself “at the end of his tether” after making more than 100 attempts in five months to have his file corrected.

Although the 59-year-old had both shots, the first, in February, was missing the record, so his second shot, in May, was recorded as the first.

With a vacation to Iceland planned, he resorted to desperate measures, booking a third shot, in August, which was his second.

For the app to show a reminder he subsequently received a fourth vaccine, after efforts to resolve the issue with his GP practice and the NHS app’s customer service repeatedly failed.

Dan Ciubotaru, professor of mathematics at Oxford University, was due to visit his elderly father in Romania. He said he spun around after discovering his second shot hadn’t been registered on the app. It took several phone calls, emails and the threat to book a third shot before the issue was resolved by his GP.

An official at the NHS vaccination center told the Telegraph that many cases are only detected when people first look at the app, as they try to plan their trip.

At some large sites where he worked, he said up to 50 patients a day were affected by recording errors.

An NHS spokesperson said changes had been made to less than 1% of records, adding: ‘The Immunization Data Resolution Service works quickly and efficiently to help resolve any issues as they arise. people meet them.”

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