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28 October 2021 To 3:00 p.m. (EST)

Nightingale Health Plc (“Nightingale”) hosted a virtual event for investors and analysts on Thursday October 28e.

The event focused on Nightingale’s most recent achievements in research and development. At the event, Nightingale announced that it will bring new health metrics in the areas of mental health and immunity to its mobile app. Nightingale also announced that Nightingale’s new health metrics and home testing solution will be commercially available on an accelerated schedule starting in the first quarter of 2022.

The speakers at the event were the CEO Teemu Suna and scientific director Dr. Jeffrey Barrett.

A recording of the event is available on: https://nightingalehealth.videosync.fi/an-hour-with-nightingale

Summary of the event and recording:

  • Nightingale’s Mission: Giving People Better Information Creates Better Health (from 00:50 minutes)
  • Highlights of Nightingale’s Technology and Its Ability to Generate Data (07:43)
  • Nightingale’s Position on Global Health Data (16:10)
  • New Health Zones Will Be Added to Nightingale’s Mobile App: Mental Health & Immunity (21:35)
  • Nightingale Home Testing Solution: New Home Testing Kit Announced (28:00)
  • New health zones and home testing solution will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2022 (32:40)

For more information, please contact:

Teemu Suna, CEO
[email protected]

About Rossignol

Nightingale health is a healthcare technology company transforming preventative care. We envision a world that focuses on keeping people healthy rather than just treating illnesses. The far-reaching disease risk predictions provided by Nightingale consist of two interconnected factors: the extensive blood analysis technology developed by Nightingale and a large amount of health event data. Nightingale helps people make better personal health decisions and connects the healthcare industry to deliver their services to the preventive needs of individuals. By giving the world comprehensive health information, we accelerate scientific discoveries, industry developments, and improve the personal health of everyone.


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