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What he said

Here is a transcript of comments from Epic Systems Corp. President Carl Dvorak during a meeting with the company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council to determine the group’s charter.

The one-minute recording, which contains no context like who Dvorak was speaking to or what else was said, was posted on social media site Reddit. Its source is unknown.

“I can see that sometimes there is going to be an effort to be lobbyists, to be a kind of group thinker. “Come together and force society”. I don’t see this as part of a role for DCI.

“On the contrary, I actually see that the partial responsibility of this team is to remove that from the workplace, to refocus people to be dedicated to their community’s efforts around these topics, these issues, but not. to allow or encourage or even turn a blind eye to the abuse of company time and resources.

“It’s good to have passions, but not here. This is not a platform to fight for your social cause, not the platform to fight for a cause, really, other than the cause of us. we come together and work. It comes from their years of watching what is going on.

“There’s just a time when you have to say work is work. Personal life is personal life. You should say no to a lot of things that are going on right now because some of these things are good. , interesting and appropriate for your personal efforts It is not part of our efforts here.

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