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Ricky Church reviews Superman & Lois Lane: The 25th Wedding Anniversary Deluxe Edition…

Superman and Lois Lane. Rarely can one be mentioned without the other since these two figures appeared in Action comics # 1 over 80 years ago. Their relationship of wills lasted nearly 60 years in the various Superman comics, TV series, cartoons and movies until they finally said “yes” in the mid-90s Superman: The Wedding Album special. This year marks a milestone for both as they have not only been headlining the new TV series Superman and Lois, focusing on their exploits as superheroes, journalists and parents, but is also the 25th anniversary of this historic marriage problem. To celebrate, DC released Superman & Lois Lane: The 25th Wedding Anniversary Deluxe Edition which details one of the greatest moments in pop culture.

The 1990s were quite an interesting time for the comic book industry. This decade alone has seen DC and Marvel battle low sales and potential bankruptcies, forcing Marvel to sell the film and TV rights to Spider-Man and other heroes. Seismic changes were also made to some of the greatest superheroes: Batman broke his back and was temporarily replaced, Superman was killed and then resurrected, Green Lantern became a villain, and Spider-Man had a problem. long and complicated with clones. Interestingly, in the case of Superman and Lois’ marriage, the story began long before Superman died, as Clark Kent first proposed to Lois Lane and then revealed he was Superman. DC planned to get married much sooner, but the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which hadn’t been created at the time, ended those plans because the folks at Warner Bros. and DC wanted to coordinate the wedding at the same time for the series and the comics. So DC had to find ways to postpone the wedding, as with Superman’s death, other crossbreeds and Lois and Clark temporarily separate and call off the marriage.

The book begins during this tumultuous time as Lois travels the world after breaking up with Clark as she believed her responsibility as Superman would always come before her and Clark would always feel the need to protect her rather than her. let be it. own person. At the same time, Superman remains helpless after a near end-of-the-world event and tries to reclaim his powers. After the introductory issue, Lois realizes that she is and always will be in love with Clark and returns to Metropolis, where the couple reconcile and renew their engagement. This debut issue is an interesting character piece from Dan Jurgens as he explores what makes Lois tick and why she denies her feelings for Clark while reminding Superman and readers that even without his powers, Superman is still Superman because it is. it is not his powers that define him or inspire others.

Then comes the long-awaited question of marriage. Which makes The wedding album unique (aside from the behind-the-scenes story, which we’ll explain in more detail in a moment) is how it’s a who’s who of writers and artists who have worked on Superman over the years like Jurgens, John Byrne, Jerry Ordway, Karl Kesel, David Michelinie, George Pérez, Curt Swan (who sadly passed away shortly before the issue’s release) and many more, all providing artwork and screenplay for the occasion. special. The wedding is full of light and heartfelt moments as Clark and Lois review the traditions (and hardships) of planning a wedding, such as dress hunting, tuxedo fittings, bridal showers, and funerals. of boy’s life.

There are also several humorous moments that threaten everything that happens in a typical drama. Just when action could begin as Maxima, an alien woman who wants to marry Superman because she thinks he’s the only superior worthy of her, arrives to claim Superman, the situation is comically avoided in a way. that you wouldn’t expect. It’s just as funny when Clark’s bachelor party, through no fault of his own, turns into a bar fight. Many familiar characters appear, from usual characters like Jimmy Olsen and Perry White to Lana Lang, Pete Ross, Lori Lemaris, Fran Johnson, Lucy Lane, ‘Bibbo’ Bibbowski and more. Taking inspiration from so many characters related to Superman and Lois really feels like a celebration of their marriage.

However, the number of creators attached to the issue is also a bit of a problem. The reason there are so many names is that once the producers and showrunners of Lois & Clark were comfortable with Lois and Clark’s marriage at the start of season four, they told DC quite bluntly, forcing the editorial to put in place The wedding album very quickly which necessitated attaching so many artists to the question. Because of this, some of the art was rushed to get it all done in time for the episodes to air as Lois & Clarkmarriage and The wedding album were released the same week. As great as the art and artists are, it’s obvious the pages have been rushed as some of the character designs aren’t as fleshed out as others. Where art matters, however, is in the final pages of Jurgens and Ordway, particularly the fold-out cover page of Clark and Lois sharing their first kiss as husband and wife – with much of the book art team appearing as guests at the benches in a fun little wink.

Problems after the wedding are Clark and Lois’ honeymoon being crushed by international gangsters who kidnap Clark after Lois apparently takes something from them. The Miserable Honeymoon is a fun adventure that turns the couple’s usual roles upside down as a helpless Clark must be rescued by Lois, who shows she has more than investigative skills to rescue. They summarize the general themes of the book about Lois’ fears and Clark’s worry about his lack of powers.

After that, there’s bonus material from the illustration and scripting process for some of the wedding’s most crucial moments, including a detailed look at the Big Kiss and Who’s Who in the Writer’s and the Writer’s cameos. artist. It’s cool behind-the-scenes material, but, considering it’s the 25th anniversary and a Deluxe format, it would have been nice to have had more thought from the creative team, many of them are still active today, on the impact of the story on the Superman myth as well as how Lois & Clark influenced the event for better and for worse.

Superman & Lois Lane: The 25th Wedding Anniversary Deluxe Edition is a beautiful collection of one of the most important developments for Superman and Lois Lane. Much of the writing is fun, clever, and insightful of the character’s journeys. The artwork is good for the most part, but again not always cohesive as you can tell what was rushed and a full breakdown of the timing and process of the wedding, from the initial decision to engage Clark and Lois to the Full marriage years later, would have been greatly appreciated given the milestone, especially for the first powerful couple in comics. Despite this, it’s still a great book for Superman and Lois fans to add to their collection.

Rating: 7/10

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