Cannes Report Reveals How Anime Is Becoming Hollywood’s Most Bankable Medium

It’s been clear for several years that anime is a runaway juggernaut in terms of success, not just in Japan and North America, but around the world. As various streaming services look to add new exclusive anime series and movies to their ever-expanding slate of titles, a new report from Cannes shows the anime scene has become the “most bankable” form of storytelling. for Hollywood, which could mean very good things for fans of the medium in the future.

In this report from Parrot Analytics, it appears that demand for anime has increased by 118% over the past two years, with the pandemic apparently helping to push the medium forward as viewers around the world seek out content in a time of restrictions and blockages. Of course, this is also seen when it comes to the manga industry, which has become so popular during the years of the coronavirus pandemic that there have been many shortages when it comes to particular volumes and the medium has beaten several records for overall sales. With manga sales rivaling, if not exceeding, comic book sales in North America, it seems like a new era is approaching in anime.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Youtube’s Joey The Anime Man to better explain the industry’s growth in recent years:

“Over the past five to ten years, in Japan and the West, there’s almost been this anime renaissance that’s happened, where it’s gone from this thing that you’d be bullied to like to something that all kinds of people want to talk about.. it’s this movement that gaming went through in the 1990s where if you played games you were a nerd until suddenly everyone was playing to games. That’s why animated movies are becoming such a massive thing. It’s not just a few nerds in your class who are going to see [the latest anime release] – now the whole class will leave.

When it comes to creating new anime series and movies, producer Genki Kawamura, who has produced artists like Your Name, Mirai and the Netflix Bubbleextrapolated on how the popularity of the medium allows certain projects to get more budgets, helping the creative minds behind the scenes to grow what they create:

“There are more and more distribution opportunities and options, which has really increased production budgets. It means there’s more scope in what we can creatively express – that which is really a good thing.”

Via Hollywood Reporter

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