Book Review: Star Wars: Jedi Artifacts: Treasures From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars: Jedi Artifacts: Treasures from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

From keychains to a punched ship model, discover a dozen inserts inspired by the legendary Jedi Knights!

A collection of treasures centered around the galaxy’s greatest heroes, Star Wars: Jedi Artifacts features exciting collectibles that represent thrilling moments in the history of the Jedi Order.

• COLLECT A DOZEN OF UNIQUE ARTIFACTS: Featuring a woven patch, a perforated ship model, high-quality stickers, a collectible pin, keychains and other amazing items, this kit makes a great gift for lovers. Star Wars fans of all ages.

• DISCOVER LEGENDARY JEDI ADVENTURES: From the heroic days of the High Republic to the times of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Luke Skywalker and Rey, Star Wars: Jedi Artifacts compiles exquisite inserts inspired by the Jedi and their valiant adventures.

• BUILD YOUR STAR WARS COLLECTION: Star Wars: Jedi Artifacts sit alongside fan-favorite Star Wars books, including Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection, Star Wars: The Secrets of the Jedi, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook .

Publication date: January 11, 2022
Number of pages: 16 pages
ISBN: 9781647224936

While there’s always room for novels, comics, magazines, and coffee table tomes that delve into the making and characters of the galaxy far, far away, Star wars has also brought us a range of more tactile builds over the decades that get the creative juices flowing and allow for Easter eggs and cool elements not found anywhere else. From The Empire Strikes Back Mix or Match Storybook to the many Pop-Up releases over the years, getting your hands on and in a book is a huge pleasure, most vividly expressed by Steve Sansweets Marvelous 1998 Star Wars Album, a much-loved release that recreated a number of moments from the past, including a copy of the very first issue of the Star wars Fan Club Newsletter, soon to be renamed Bantha Tracks. Star Wars: Jedi Artifacts: Treasures from a Galaxy Far, Far Away does not send us back to our earthly past like the Scrapbook do; instead it gives us a deeper dive into the world of the Jedi universe, showcasing ‘artifacts’ between its relatively small 4 x 9.75 inch hardback covers covering a number of key eras of The High Republic at the time of Rey Skywalker.

It may only be 16 pages, but there’s a lot to dig into here. Falsely detailed, the book opens with a booklet of quotes called ‘The Wisdom of the Light Side of the Force‘ which contains wise knowledge and advice from generations of Jedi, accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations. Inside the cover it is joined by the iconic Jedi Code – ‘There is no emotion, there is peace“, words as relevant to modern-day Jedi as they have been to generations past.

An envelope adorned with the Jedi insignia contains a sepia drawing of a lightsaber and a smaller booklet showing the various forms of lightsaber combat while the right side of the book – the largest section of the version – is filled with trinkets. We look at Luke and his training with Yoda, as well as a tiny but striking insignia showing his battle with Darth Vader in Bespin and their final moments aboard the Death Star. Turn the page and it’s Kylo Ren, the temperamental nephew of Luke and Ahsoka Tano the Jedi who has made it despite the bad way the Jedi Order treated him. Attached to her page are keychains, die-cut to represent her two lightsabers, while a page turn reveals Rey and a beautiful badge printed with the Jedi Order logo.

We look at the era of The High Republic and their Jedi Vectors, one version of which can be cut out of a card and hung via string as a pendant. There is a sticker sheet of a customizable lightsaber with hilt pieces as stickers allowing you to design your own lightsaber and on the page a larger star wars rebels sticker of that final, indelible image of the artwork we saw in the final seconds of the show. As we come to the end of our journey, we even get a glimpse of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s diary in Aurebesh and Basic as he writes about young Luke Skywalker.

Star wars is a lot of things for a lot of people, but the one thing you always have to strive for is a feeling of pleasure. Star Wars: Jedi Artifacts: Treasures From a Galaxy Far, Far Away delivers that in droves, with its clever design and attractive layout. Fingers crossed we get more releases in this vein; a bounty hunters book with washers and chain codes, a smugglers book with dice and spices, even a sith lords book with guides and focusing crystals. The opportunities are endless, so hopefully there will be more to come from the Artifact lineup.

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