Book Review: Confessions of a Reluctant Long Island Medium-A Memoir and Psychic Seminar

Cindi Sansone-Braff’s new book, Confessions of a Reluctant Long Island Psychic – A Memoir and Psychic Seminar, is an inspiring read. This book, by Cindi Sansone-Braff, five times voted Long Island’s Best Psychic (Long Island Press), is no ordinary read. It is a reflection of the long and successful career of a woman known throughout Long Island for her tarot card readings and lectures on being a medium.

As a psychic medium, the author reaches out to the dead and interprets their messages about life, their life experiences. A medium explores “eternal life”.

What Cindi Sansone-Braff does in this book (available on Amazon) is explain the world beyond our world as she sees it through her eyes and through the eyes of her clients. Mrs. Sansone-Braff explains the long history and meanings of how and why the spirit communicates. It dates back to the practice of Tarot readings in ancient times. The meaning of the cards, many of which date back thousands of years, is detailed. She delves into “life, death and the world between lives”.

There is a chapter called “Sharpening Your Psychic Abilities”, which is fascinating for anyone to read. This author has a unique ability to explain very complicated topics in understandable language. Ms. Sansone-Braff shares the messages her clients have received through the readings.

For the author, this is his third book. Her Grant me higher loveis still a consistent seller, as is his other effort, Why Good People Can’t Leave Bad Relationships. A theme in all of his books is the importance of the inner voice. She always explains the importance of hearing what your soul is telling you about important life choices.

What I find most resonant Confessions of a Reluctant Long Island Psychic is both the tone and the messages of each paragraph. This book reads as if the author is whispering right into your mind, in a very friendly, peaceful, and at times comical way. All of Sansone-Braff’s writings, but especially in this book, buzz you while pulsing with thoughts and new lines of thought.

The book also discusses the concept of the “Akashic Records”. For those who are fascinated by this subject, this chapter is a must read.

Overall, this book provides an opportunity to see and feel the revelation of the thought process of the inner workings of a psychic medium. The curtain is drawn and what is being explained is not trickery or deception but an act of faith in a world that exists and can help everyone. Reading this book will open your eyes to phenomena that you know you have experienced but simply did not process at the time. A new way of thinking, seeing things, and interpreting unusual events from your past and perhaps your future can be unlocked in your mind. But above all, you will be entertained by witty, sometimes funny stories, commentary and events. You will also feel shared pain.

However, in the end, this book will educate you on the terms, thoughts, and world of psychic mediums. Ms. Sansone-Braff candidly confesses her successes, challenges and hopes, thanks to all the knowledge she has acquired during her long and successful career.

(Full disclosure, Mrs. Cindi Sansone-Braff is my wife, but when I read this book, I found out a lot about her and what she does and feels. Things that even I never have su.)

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