Book review: ‘Androids: the team that built the Android operating system’

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Here’s a book review of Chet Haase’s “Android: The Team That Built The Android Operating System.”

For those curious about how Android got started, Chet Haase’s “Androids: The Team That Built The Android Operating System” is something you shouldn’t miss as an avid, tech-savvy bookworm.

As we know, Android is one of the most promising operating systems that currently exist today. The platform offers many services in various games and software development.

In Haase’s latest book, the Google graphics engineer recounts how his team thrived early in Android development. The book covers a pinch of historical background and some technical terms that readers need to know.

It’s also interesting to read how Haase introduced the important people behind the development of Android. Tons of testimonials regarding tests and other experiences are mentioned in his book “Androids”.

As you flip through each page, you’ll notice that there are previously unseen passages that you could only find here. Worth noting, they are not on the internet, and Haase’s well-written book will tell you more about them.

We could visualize that exclusive coins are something you should only access here. It is something like a hidden treasure that you have to open with your eyes, your hands and your heart.

You’ll find out what happened when Google acquired Android and how the tech team adapted to the changes inside the building in 2006. Ideally, Haase’s approach to his storytelling was admirable, given that the team struggled to create Android for the current generation of users.

Reading “Androids: The team that created the Android operating system” is like diving into the lives of the team members behind Android. You will also know how they behave at work and other stories not to be missed.

Indeed, the stories created inside Google were all worth reading. Through Haase’s book, you can feel the culture of moving from one company to another before they got into Android development.

As someone who likes to listen to commentary, you will surely enjoy this nearly 400-page book full of jargon that you might come across here. Chet has made sure everyone understands what he’s saying since he’s already put them in layman’s terms.

Chet’s humorous and intelligent storytelling is an eye-catcher for all readers. Smart footnote placement is also something we need to remember.

For people working in the same industry as Haase, you’ll appreciate every fiber of the paragraphs he wrote here. Some words are easy to take, and they’re not too technical for people who don’t know them.

All in all, this is highly recommended for all readers, especially those who want to learn more about the early days of Android. Truly, this is a must-have book for all developers and aspiring developers.

For those who enjoy reading non-fiction books of any genre, be sure to add “Androids: The Team That Built the Android Operating System” to your list. It is worth spending time, effort and knowledge to understand some unpublished facts that people need to know about Android.

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