Audio suggests Timbers pushed Polo’s ex-wife not to press charges

The alleged victim’s attorney provided KGW with a 54-minute audio recording of the June 2021 meeting.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A newly released audio recording suggests the Portland Timbers pressured Andy Polo’s ex-wife not to press charges of domestic violence against the midfielder, according to attorney Michael Fuller.

“We thought this recording might help explain the truth about what happened,” said Fuller, who represented Polo’s ex-wife, Genesis Alarcon. Alarcon filed a domestic violence lawsuit in federal court earlier this week, alleging assault, battery and negligence by Polo.

According to a police report from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called to Polo’s home in response to allegations of domestic abuse on May 23. Polo received a citation.

About two weeks later, Polo’s ex-wife claims Timbers representatives came to her home.

Alarcon’s attorney, Michael Fuller, provided KGW with a 54-minute audio recording of the meeting, which appeared to include Alarcon, his friend who acted as an interpreter, the Timber’s security chief and a woman not identified. Fuller did not name the woman but suggested she was an attorney affiliated with the Timbers. It is not known who made the recording.

Much of the conversation revolved around efforts to provide Alarcon and his two children with resources such as transportation, shelter and food. Timber’s rep and the unidentified woman shared information about local nonprofits and social services that provide assistance to victims of domestic violence. They also discussed increasing the $400 a month Polo provided to support his ex-wife and two children.

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“We’ll do our best to get Andy to get you everything you need, but if the DA’s office, the DA’s office calls, could you let me know?” said the unidentified woman.

Speaking through the translator, the unidentified woman also explained the charges against Polo and how a criminal case could proceed or be avoided. She said the district attorney’s office would likely contact him.

“This office can call you to see if you want to pursue the charges. And again you can say “Yes – I want” or “No – I don’t want”. Of course, we hope you’ll say “No – you don’t,” the unidentified woman said.

The woman went on to describe how a criminal case could require the alleged victim to appear in court and testify before a jury. “If it goes to court, there will be a trial,” said the unidentified woman – who never mentioned the possibility of a plea deal. She told the alleged victim that a trial could take a day or two.

“There’s no pressure anyway, I just need to know if they call you so I can do my job for Andy,” the unidentified woman said.

The Timbers declined to identify the woman or comment on the audio recording ahead of a review by Major League Soccer.

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Earlier in the week, the Timbers released a statement saying: “While the Timbers have offered support to Mr. Polo, Ms. Alarcon and their children during a difficult time, there has never been a suggestion – express or implied – that the support was offered in return for consideration by Ms. Alarcon.The Timbers would never condone or participate in such conduct.

On Friday, Alarcon’s attorney sent a letter to the Timbers suggesting there may be other defendants added to the federal lawsuit, possibly including the team, team executives or attorneys involved.

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