As It Happened: Latest Protests in Parliament, Omicron Community Outbreak – Monday, February 14

12:35 p.m. – As usual, the Ministry of Health will issue its daily statement with the latest updates on the COVID-19 outbreak around 1 p.m.

Stay tuned, as we will post the latest developments live as soon as the statement becomes available.

12:16 p.m. – Queenstown Lakes Mayor Jim Boult urged residents to get vaccinated to play their part in the county’s COVID recovery.

“First and foremost, get boosted as soon as you are eligible. Authorities recommend the third dose to provide the maximum protection against omicron. Contact your GP, visit bookmyvaccine.nzor go to to find a walk-in or drive-thru vaccination center nearby,” Boult said.

He also urged residents to keep an eye out for the growing number of places of interest.

“As new locations are notified by the Department of Health, people should follow advice to get tested and self-isolate or self-monitor for symptoms. But that only works if people scan regularly or manually keep a record of their movements, and don’t forget to activate Bluetooth in the COVID tracer app.”

He also urged anyone with symptoms to get tested and self-isolate until they have returned a negative test.

12:07 – Health officials have released several new high-risk landmarks.

They are:

  • SEA LIFE Kelly Tarltons Orakei – Monday 7th February 10.30am – 12.30pm
  • New Windsor School Pool New Windsor – Sun Feb 6 8:10am – 1:15pm
  • The Bank Space Gray Lynn – Sun February 6 1:30pm – 4:00pm

12:03 – Wellington Police are calling on protesters to move cars blocking the streets.

Wellington District Commander Superintendent Corrie Parnell said the disruption was causing “stress and concern” to residents.

“The disruption to residents, schools and workplaces creates real stress and worry, and people don’t feel safe.

“Overnight, some protesters moved vehicles that were obstructing the roads, which is much appreciated by the police and the public.”

Parnell said Sky Stadium had agreed to allow protesters to park at their facility tonight from 6.30pm.

“Throughout the day, police will be providing owners of the cars, vans, vans, motorhomes and trucks that are currently blocking the roads with information that will explain how and when they can move their vehicles to Sky Stadium.

“We would like to thank Sky Stadium for providing a solution that we believe will work for protesters and allow our Wellington community to move freely around their city again.”

Parnell said until tonight police were asking protesters to move their cars to legitimate parks as soon as possible.

The police said they would continue to be highly visible in parliament.

“We were supported this morning by Maori guards who were concentrated around Wellington station.

“We continue to call on protesters to leave the protest and bring their children – it was cold and wet overnight, and we are now concerned about health risks and sanitation issues.”

11:37 – New Zealand leader Winston Peters has called on the government to scrap “damaging” COVID mandates and restore all jobs.

“It’s high time to remove these unnecessarily damaging mandates and give Kiwis back their right to work,” Peters said.

“There needs to be an end to the scaremongering and despotic enforcement, and a return to common sense and balance to this debacle that Labor has created.

“Thousands of people have needlessly lost their jobs, their freedoms and their way of life. With vaccination now at 95% and the use of rapid antigen tests (RATs) allowed in the workplace, unvaccinated people can safely test and return to their jobs.they were driven out at the start of this pandemic.Kiwis have the right to work, earn a living and support their families.

“It has become increasingly clear that the current ‘modeling’ is just ‘confusion’ – so out of whack that it should never have been used as the basis for these latest sets of useless mandates.

“Yet the Labor Party continued, prioritizing the hypothetical predictions of some overpaid academics as justification – without understanding or feeling the real effects on the lives of ordinary Kiwis.

“It’s not just the protesters in parliament – there are hundreds of thousands of ordinary Kiwis who are fed up with the totalitarian and selfish nature with which these mandates have been enforced.

“Many countries have already scrapped mandates and have been faced with the reality that life and the economy must go on – and so must we.”

11:33 am – In Victoria, cases fell for a fifth consecutive day with 7,104 infections in the past 24 hours.

Victoria Health announced there were two deaths from coronavirus on Monday, compared to 18 recorded on Sunday.

There are currently 465 people in hospital while the number of people in intensive care has dropped significantly from 181 on Sunday to 66 on Monday.

There are currently 53,707 active cases in Victoria compared to 54,494 on Sunday.

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