Administrators will discuss retention of meeting recordings

City managers will discuss and vote on resolution 17-22 to extend the retention schedule for audio and video recordings of city council and planning commission meetings from one year to 20 years at Tuesday’s city council meeting. .

According to Arkansas Law 1028, which amends the Freedom of Information Act of 1967, all officially scheduled regular and special meetings must be recorded and retained for a minimum period of one year, according to a staff report Prepared by City Clerk Renea Ellis on March 8.

On Jan. 7, 2020, city managers passed Resolution 03-20 establishing the one-year period for audio and video recordings of city council, planning commission, and board of directors, the report said.

At the February 15 city council meeting, an affidavit of destruction was presented to council to destroy old recordings prior to 2020, which included audio and video recordings as they are now also uploaded to YouTube.

Director David Allen objected to the destruction of the audio and video recordings and requested that they be removed from the affidavit of destruction.

Following discussion, the board voted to approve the destruction of old recordings, except audio and video recordings until further clarification could be received regarding the number of years of audio recordings and video that the city owns.

City Administrator Phillip Patterson said he checked with the city’s IT department and that the audio and video recordings of city council meetings the city has kept date back to 2013.

City administrators will also vote on the following:

Consent Program

• Regular minutes of the municipal council meeting of March 1st.

• Purchase of a side-loading garbage truck by J & R Equipment inn for $305,384.


• Place Ordinance 22-07 regarding the rezoning of the 2100 to 2400 block of East Kenwood Street from R-3 (Two-Family Residential) to R-2 (Medium Residential) at second reading.

• Place Order 22-08 regarding the rezoning of the 1200 block of South Holly Street from a conditional R-4 zone to a standard R-4 zone at second reading. An R-4 zone is a multi-family residential zone.

Staff reports

• January 2022 financial statements.

• Administrator’s report.

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