A new Destiny game is in the works at Bungie

A new game associated with Bungie’s Destiny series is potentially in the works right now. Since launching in 2017, Bungie has continued to support Destiny 2 over the long term through new expansions and seasons of content. And while this support for Destiny 2 won’t be ending anytime soon, it looks like Bungie might be teaming up with another company to bring the world of Destiny to a new platform.

In a new report from The Game Post, it has been discovered that Bungie is apparently looking to team up with NetEase Games to create a new shooter for mobile platforms. NetEase is a Chinese company that has worked on a number of mobile titles in the past, including marvel super war, Skyand the recently published Diablo Immortal. This connection between Bungie and NetEase was directly found via the LinkedIn profile of a NetEase artist who allegedly assisted Bungie on “an unannounced mobile FPS game”.

That report in question went on to say that, based on information from anonymous sources, this unannounced mobile game is indeed set in the world of Destiny. Moreover, the project would be in development for more than two years. It was also pointed out that whatever this game is, it is not a mobile version of Destiny 2. Although it will still be a first-person shooter, it will be a separate Destiny title that is not directly related to Destiny 2which will continue to reside on consoles and PC.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this news concerns Bungie and its relationship with PlayStation, which now owns the studio. While this game is the one that was in the works prior to Sony’s acquisition of the company, it remains to be seen if PlayStation will end up playing a role in the reveal and release of this title. To that end, we’ll have to wait until the game is officially announced (assuming this report is accurate) to find out more.

What are your thoughts on Bungie potentially working with NetEase to make a Destiny game for mobile platforms? Does this idea excite you or rather worry you after seeing how a game like Diablo Immortal repaired? Let me know for yourself in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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