A copy of “Harry Potter” just sold for $ 471,000 and it’s a new record for a not-so-old book

Is there a dog-eared copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to collect dust under your bed?

If so, it could be worth more than its sentimental value.

A first copy of the JK Rowling classic has just sold for US $ 471,000 at auction, in what would have been a world record sale.

“Not only is it the most expensive Harry potter book ever sold, it is the most expensive commercially published 20th century work of fiction ever sold, ”said Joe Maddalena, executive vice president of Heritage Auctions, in a statement. declaration Thursday.

In other words, it is the most valuable book you could have bought when it came out.

The book was a first hardcover edition of Potter and one of 500 copies worldwide, the auction house said. Other copies of the same series have also sold at six figures, with two copies recently fetching over $ 138,000.

The video shared by the auction house shows the auction in progress. It also shows details of how they know the book is genuine.

“Hardcover of the first edition, with ‘1 wand’ listed twice on page 53 and no space between ‘Taylor’ and ‘1997’ on the seventh line”, the terribly specific list says.

They did not say who bought the book for $ 471,000 except to describe the person as an “American collector.”

We’re pretty sure the ending is the same when you buy the $ 15 version of the book, but to each their own right?

Maddalena suggested the sale might have something to do with the first Harry potter movie. That anniversary has passed in November, and HBO Max is preparing to release a big, special reunion to mark the occasion on New Years Day.

“This result shows the power of this combination of literature and film,” Maddalena said. “These books are awarded for the results of their films.”

Harry Potter ended up being the crown jewel of a major Heritage Auctions book sale earlier this month, though he wasn’t the only one making big bucks. JRR Tolkien’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy grossed $ 103,125 in the same auction, while a full collection of CS Lewis Chronicles of Narnia sold for the same $ 100,000.

Both sets of books were original editions in mint condition, according to the auction house.

So – check your shelves!

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