5 good reasons to book Mexico for this winter travel season

Every day we in the travel industry hear news about another destination opening up (and we clap!) And aren’t we all constantly asked, “Where’s the best place to travel now?” ? Well, here’s a destination that has managed to maintain its appeal with travelers during the pandemic and now even more so as COVID concerns begin to ease: the ever-popular Mexico, hot and hot.

“Mexico has always had an allegiance to travel customers and this has also been proven after the pandemic,” said Denise L. Wiggins, Global Travel, Health and Wellness Advisor, Denise Wiggins Travel Services & Curran Travel, in Pennsylvania. “It has always been an open, welcoming and inclusive destination. As a country, it worked hard during and after the pandemic to adhere to protocols; staff accordingly and be transparent about their offers. Mexico continues to be a coveted and often requested country.

Here are five great reasons to book your US-based clients for a trip to Mexico this winter and beyond:

1. Nonstop flights, lots of elevator
First of all, Mexico is simply easy to get to for American travelers. Flights are short, with an abundance of non-stop options and, relatively speaking, plenty of elevators available.

“Mexico has always been a top destination for my winter getaways because of its ease of access from most US gateways and its overall value,” said Kristi Huss, travel consultant and owner of Travel Savvi, Inc. ., in Sartell, Minnesota. “It is easy to access for a shorter stay of three to four nights, as well as a longer stay to escape the winter cold.”

Further, she said, “As many travelers have asked to go to a place they consider more exotic, or they say, ‘I’ve been to Mexico before and want to go somewhere else,’ now they feel better traveling to a place that is easily accessible and familiar and comfortable to them.

2. Feeling back to normal
Travel counselors who have recently visited Mexico report that there is an upbeat atmosphere with higher occupancy rates and excellent customer service.

Sarah Kline, president of Time For Travel, Ltd., in Davidsonville, Maryland, explained, “Since Mexico has been welcoming guests for over a year now and has gone green, resorts may offer great rates. higher occupancy than some other destinations. . A higher occupancy rate means that all restaurants can be opened, that there is more resort activity and that there is just a general feeling of “back to normal”. The green level means there is more nightlife and bars can stay open later. We’re about to return to the true all-inclusive experience that Mexico is known for.

3. Easier COVID protocols
Ultimately, travelers appreciate that they don’t have to test before traveling. The US still requires return testing (and most resorts in Mexico offer free onsite testing to make it easier for travelers), but it’s nice not to have to test before arrival.

“This is one step closer for customers who are vaccinated and ready to travel,” Kline said. “I was in Cancun a few weeks ago for a three night stay only, and tested when I arrived at my resort on Thursday and this test was good for my return to the US on Sunday. It took less than 10 minutes and it was refreshing to know that I was negative and also good to return home to the States with papers in hand.

Huss also had positive experiences: “I have personally experienced the different security measures and protocols in response to the pandemic on five of my own trips to Mexico in 2021, and I have two more trips planned for this year. Especially when making a very personal choice to travel during a pandemic, it is important to have first-hand knowledge of what I have been through to convey to my clients. I always tell my clients, “I wouldn’t book you somewhere where I wouldn’t stay myself”, and my own travel record shows where I feel good about attending business events and personal vacations. .

4. Quality properties with added value offers
Luxury resorts, all-inclusive packages, spectacular beaches, rejuvenating spas, mouth-watering cuisine, attentive customer service… As a seasoned travel advisor, you already know why Mexico is a supreme destination from a standpoint. of its offers related to hospitality.

And then there’s the added value, as Wiggins noted: “Customers are more than happy to consider and host a trip to Mexico. [This is, in part, because of the] “Quality properties, which offer exceptional value-added products and services such as catering at a sister property; transfers, free nights, fee waivers, and free upgrades when available.

5. Affordable for most travelers
Finally, Mexico is an affordable destination for most travelers. Visiting hotels, attractions, restaurants, airlines and cruise lines all understand the need to provide travelers with great value for their vacation. Nothing gets people out of their homes like a travel bargain.

So the next time a customer asks you, “Where’s a good place to travel now?” To determine if Mexico is the perfect recommendation for them.

We will sum it up with something Huss said: “The destination and the people of Mexico have always been near and dear to my heart. It has been difficult to see people across our industry affected during these difficult times. Seeing tourism return and being greeted by staff who are grateful to be back at work to greet you with a warm smile is something that I am happy my clients can relive.

We all support that.


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