3 ways to make money from your hobby

Hobbies and passions that we like to do for fun can actually help us earn extra money. From flipping furniture to sewing baby blankets to hosting author events, these three women have found ways to turn their hobbies into serious cash. Learn their secrets so you too can start making money from your hobby!

“I make up to $4,100 a month sewing blankets! »

Army veteran Alexis Priddy picked up an old hobby during the pandemic – which now earns him thousands of dollars every month!

“I used to sew a lot when I was younger, but then I joined the army, and my sewing machine didn’t make the list of things I wanted to take with me for a while. post to another. But during the pandemic, I picked it up and started making baby blankets for my friends. Then I learned that personalized baby blankets had a good profit margin, and since I had an embroidery machine, I decided to sell my designs — and The Sew Loved Shop (SewLovedShop.com) was born!

“I created a site on Shopify, purchased materials online from a manufacturer, and purchased boxes from Amazon Business to send the covers to shoppers. A few friends took photos of the covers and made personalized labels. My husband, who is a woodworker and handyman, helped me cut the fabrics quickly. The blankets are made with a super soft material and people can customize them and see how they will look with an online tool I created. I also sell school themed blankets. Our motto is “sewn with love”.

“To spread the word, I post on social media and ask friends and family to like, comment and share my posts. I have also bought Facebook ads and networked with others female business owners.

“I work about three to four hours a week and sew at night, which helps me relax. I also have two women who help me sew, and it’s rewarding to be able to give them flexible work. I make up to $4,100 a month, money that pays for extras like takeout or Disney vacations!

“I earn up to $1,200 a month organizing events around the book! »

Avid reader, Pamela Klinger-Horn, has found a way to earn over $1,000 a month just by hosting literary events!

“Reading has been a lifelong hobby and brings me so much joy. I’ve been a member of a book club for 28 years, and this past year I’ve read 176 books! When my kids were when I was younger, I started a book club at their school. I would invite local authors and organize a book sale. The kids loved it, and it was so fascinating to meet the authors and learn from the publishers what I thought adults would enjoy these events too, so I started Literature Lovers’ Night

OutMC (Lit-Lovers.com). “When I started, I reached out to local authors and bookstores. At events, authors talk about their books, the process of writing and publishing the books, and share funny stories about their lives. Then, the audience has time for Q&A. I’ve hosted events at local venues, churches, and outdoor venues, and I’ve also hosted virtual events. We typically have two to five authors and/or editors or a single author if it’s a well-known person.At in-person events, we offer themed snacks and wine, and attendees receive a shopping coupon to purchase the book. per month and I have up to 300 people present.

“Depending on the event, I do a share of ticket sales or a package and I can earn up to $1,200 per event. The money I earn pays for my children’s school fees and allows me to attend book conferences.

“I make 6 figures a year stuffing chairs!”

Longtime FFW teacher and reader Wendy Conklin has turned her passion for upholstery into a hobby that earns her six figures every year!

“About 10 years ago, when I was working as a teacher, I took a few upholstery classes for fun. I reupholstered a few chairs I found on Craigslist, and on a whim I opened an Etsy shop to see if I could sell them – and sold two immediately!With more demand, I decided to start a side business, Chair Whimsy.

“To spread the word, I posted on social media, launched a website (ChairWhimsy.com) and developed a mailing list. I’ve sourced designer fabrics directly from textile companies and online from places like Mexico, the Middle East, or eBay. Some chairs I buy are new, while others are old or vintage. When I work with new clients, I look at photos of their spaces and then customize the chairs. After about six years, I got so busy that I quit my full-time job!

“I always use social media and email to market the business, as well as Pinterest. Whatever I post, I always focus on telling a story: what the chair design means to me, the emotions I feel when I make them, photograph them and see them.

“I make 6 figures a year – money that pays the bills, pays for family vacations and allows me to donate supplies to someone who can’t afford them!”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First for women.

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