What you don’t know about Manchester

In recent weeks, some international destinations have started to shed their COVID restrictions and reopen to American travelers. With these developments, you can bet that your customers are dreaming, once again, of venturing into their favorite European vacation destinations.

Now is the time to suggest some travel adventures they might not have considered, something a little off the beaten track but still easy to get to, say Manchester, England, for example. Here are a few things you might not know about the destination, so many good reasons to book your clients in Manchester …

Formerly industrial, now spiritually cultural
Just 50 years ago, Manchester was still considered the gloomy Victorian metropolis where the Industrial Revolution was born (at the dawn of the 19e century) and many foundations of modern city life have been formulated. Frankly speaking, it was historically significant, but rather lackluster by today’s standards. But now this hip, bohemian cosmopolitan city has reincarnated in a cultural tour de force – a bustling hub for artists, musicians, inventors and creatives.

With its rich and progressive history, this destination has many stories of struggle, innovation and triumph to tell, and visitors can hear and feel these stories in its streets as well as in its storefronts and cultural attractions.

Let’s start with the fact that Manchester is a compact city with diverse neighborhoods put together like an intriguing puzzle that are best explored on foot. (Visitors can get from one end of the city to the other in about 25 minutes.) Some of the best options for exploring the heart of Manchester include: a street art walking tour of the North Quarter; a food heritage tour in Ancoats, a craft beer tour, tailor-made taxi tours, private walking tours and, of course, hop-on hop-off double-decker bus tours; or admire the entire scene of the surrounding waters on a meandering river cruise.

Artistic urban scene
Close to Liverpool (home of the Beatles), Manchester has important ties to the British music scene – and popular indie music abounds there. Here’s a tip from Susan Becks, owner of Footsteps World Travel in Medina, Ohio, who has clients who visit Manchester purely for the artistic music scene: “Many bands made their debut here, including the English rock band Oasis. The Oasis frontman actually has a clothing store in Manchester called Pretty Green which is popular with the music crowd. There is also a famous second-hand music store, called Sifters Records in the suburb of Burnage, which has a wide selection of hard-to-get records.

Another big draw is the Manchester International Festival. Held every two years, about three million people attend; and it focuses on presenting new and original works from the performing arts, visual arts and pop culture. The festival will take place again over three weeks in July 2023.

Museums, galleries and gardens galore
Culture lovers will feel right at home in Manchester. Top attractions include: The Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Art Gallery, John Rylands Library (with its Victorian-Gothic castle-like architecture) and The Whitworth. Smaller but no less distinctive places worth a visit are the restored 1850s home of Victorian novelist Elizabeth Gaskell and the Chetham Library (with its ghost stories and priceless book collection). Of note and different for Americans, most museums and galleries are free.

Manchester is also surrounded by pristine national parks, five of which are located within two hours of the city. The latest offering, which opened in May this year, the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Garden Bridgewater is set on a spectacular 154-acre historic landscape. What could be more quintessentially British than enjoying a witty conversation while strolling through the gardens with your afternoon companion?

Particularly interesting for sports fans, Manchester is considered the homeland of football (“football” for Europeans). It also has two famous football clubs (Manchester City and Manchester United), with both clubs offering behind-the-scenes stadium tours, most notably to Manchester United, where visitors enter the pitch by running through the tunnel to the roaring crowd. .

Keep in mind that due to football season, summer is actually this destination’s low season for hotels, making it a great time to visit.

Heritage tourism
Manchester has a vast heritage, from its beginnings as a Roman fort to the reimagined cosmopolitan city of today. And that kind of expansive story makes it a natural part of heritage tourism.

Becks travel agency specializes in heritage travel and says: “We have many clients with ancestors from the UK. We research our clients’ genealogies and plan trips so that they can walk in the footsteps of their ancestors. We put them in touch with local tour guides, so they can learn more about their family’s heritage. These are the types of meaningful travel experiences that more and more people are looking for these days.

Non-stop flights from the United States
Of course, as a travel consultant you have transported clients to London. But there is another convenient gateway to Great Britain, and that is Manchester Airport in the north of England. A good elevator is in place directly from major US cities, which is particularly appealing as travelers face the persistent and sometimes taxing travel regulations and protocols associated with the pandemic.

Perfect second visit to England
While many newbies to Britain gravitate to southern destinations like London, Oxford and Cambridge, Manchester is a great choice for a second or third visit.

In addition to everything we have already mentioned, with Manchester being a central destination, there is a wonderful range of day trips available, including the tour: the beautiful walled town of Conwy and the majestic castles of the north of the country. from Wales; the Roman city of Chester; the medieval city of York; the maritime city of Liverpool; and the stunning countryside and scenery of the Peak District and Lake District.

You may now understand why Manchester is often referred to as “England’s second city”. With its vibrant arts scene, superb dining options, world-class hotels, cultural and sporting attractions, historical heritage, compact downtown, easy day trips, and convenient elevator, this destination is suitable for everyone. types of travelers. And that includes singles, couples, families, multigenerational families, and LGBT lifestyles.

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