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Humboldt County Office of Education Press Release:

The local children’s writers’ festival has been postponed by the pandemic, but participating children’s writers remain thrilled to have it back in person. The excitement for the biannual event is showcased in a new video profile created by the Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE). In the video, the authors of children’s books express their enthusiasm for the return of the event in its in-person form.

Despite the postponement of the in-person event, the organizers of the Children’s Author Festival have created a virtual Beanstack Reading Challenge that runs until October 23. Beanstack is interactive software for playing, writing, and other activities. A parent of another caregiver creates a family account that can include all readers in the family. More information about this virtual event can be obtained by visiting the Humboldt County Library’s Beanstack site (https://humlib.geanstack.org) or by downloading its application from Google Play or App Store. More information about the event can also be viewed on the event website. See the authors’ posts this year here. The video provides a platform for authors to discuss their books and what they enjoy about the Humboldt County event.

For many years, HCOE has partnered with the County Library and other local organizations to host a biannual children’s author festival. “It’s a really nice event that usually brings together 25 authors from across the country every two years,” HCOE Library Media Specialist Ryan Keller said on behalf of the event. “This year’s theme is ‘Take Flight With Books’, asking children and adults how books have helped us all ‘take flight’ in our imaginations while being grounded during the pandemic,” he said. she added. The authors visit local schools and participate with the organizers in a book sale at the main Humboldt County Library.


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