Icon Book Review: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Robert McCool live review

Enjoy breezy reading with Abbi Waxman’s new Roman- The bookish life of Nina Hill(ISBN 9780451491879)

Nina Hill lives her life on a strict schedule, letting no deviations interfere with her time alone. And her greatest joy is working in a bookstore, where she is surrounded by anecdotes and literature, history and safety. His favorite occupation is reading and playing with his team in a Trivia league. To speculate on men is not even a distant thought. In fact, her cat comes before considering the men in her life.

That’s until she sees a rival team member who captures his mind time even though he’s not very good at playing the trivia game. It’s good how it looks though, and it smells of wood chips. He notices her too. But neither of them is good at talking to the other. She falls back into her cave of books and he goes out with another woman.

Then Nina discovers that she had a father she has never met and that she has a distant mother who never tells her about the man with whom she had a one-night stand. The man passed away and left him a legacy and a large extended family to manage. On top of that, Tom (his trivia man) gave him an opening filled with funny pop-fiction references that make him take notice. She decides she could be alone.

Clumsy and funny as they both are, it’s a reader’s treat. I mean, who hasn’t been goofy when it comes to the opposite sex? And speaking of sex, they’ve got plenty of stuff over a weekend that should cement their relationship. Instead, it pushes Nina back into her well-controlled isolation. Tom injures himself and walks away too, leaving a void in both of their lives.

What is she going to do with Tom? What will she do to be in a family she has never had before? What will she do about the threat of closing the bookstore? What will she do with her beloved schedule and the larger issues that come with giving up her precious time alone?

Funny, comical at times, heartbreaking for others, Nina gives us a glimpse of who we are when we are alone. It is an enjoyable read, which can be done over a weekend as it immerses you in another person’s life and goals.

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