Facts and fables about your car insurance

You can also hit the road without a green card. But whether it is useful … Our advice is to always take the card with you. On the green card you will find all the details about your car insurance. You will need this if you have to fill in a European Claim Form. Are you going on holiday in Europe by car? Then the green card is a national insurance certificate in certain countries.

2. Claiming window damage has an impact on my claim-free years

Claiming damage can have negative consequences for your claim-free years. This does not apply to window damage. Claiming window damage therefore has no influence on the amount of your premium. Do you have a WA + limited airframe or all-risk car insurance policy? Then the window damage is fully reimbursed without this being at the expense of your deductible. Do you have liability insurance? Then the repair is free if you have it done by a connected repairer. In most cases the deductible does apply.

3. Car sold? Then your insurance will be automatically canceled

You have to terminate your car insurance yourself. Finally, you must also provide the insurer with a proof of indemnity stating the date from which the new owner had the car transferred. Did you forget to cancel your insurance? Then you will only be reimbursed the premium if you report this to the insurer within 14 days.

4. Women pay less premium than men

This was the case until 2011. Until then, there were several insurers who gave women extra discounts on their premiums. These days your gender cannot influence the amount of the premium.

5. The number of claim-free years is equal to the number of steps on the bonus-malus ladder

Not true. You build up the number of claim-free years for every car insurer in the same way. In most cases claiming damage will cost you five claim-free years. The step on the bonus-malus ladder determines the discount on your premium. These discounts are not the same for all insurers and are between 75% and 85%.