Cheap Car Insurance on Average Better at Checkout

“A cheap car insurance policy has better conditions on average. Anyone who pays a lot of car premiums is therefore generally insured for less. ”, Mara Kessa published on 26 May 2011 on her website.

Cheap car insurance has better conditions on average. Anyone who pays a lot of car premiums is therefore generally insured less well. This negative connection is apparent from research by the independent comparator Pontifex family among 45 companies.

Quality score car insurance

Pontifex family investigated the relationship between price and quality for almost all car insurers. The average price position per insurer was determined on the basis of approximately 10,000 calculations by consumers. This figure is set against the average quality score of the coverages offered (WA, limited and full body). The regression analysis subsequently shows that cheap insurers achieve a higher quality score on average.


Last year, Pontifex family also conducted research into the relationship between price and quality among car insurers. “It is quite remarkable that big brands still allow their customers to pay more for lesser quality,” said Beric Hordin, director of the Pontifex family. ‘Trust comes on foot and goes on horseback. For now, expensive insurers seem to be taking full advantage of enough customers, but there will come a time when things will go wrong. You can wait for that in an industry where trust has long been lost. “

Price difference car insurers

Earlier this year it already appeared that there was a huge price difference between car insurers. For the same coverage, expensive insurers charge almost three times as much as cheap airlines. Hordin: ‘The terms and conditions of cheap car insurers are therefore also better. In general, it is the new labels, such as Willsecure, Crisner and Unna-honna, that score well on price and quality. They want better conditions at lower rates to lure customers away from large insurers. The latter hardly need to lower their premiums, because most customers are still sitting. The question is only for how long? ‘

Compare car insurance

By comparing car insurance every year, Dutch people always know which insurer offers the best value for money. Consumers who have had the same car insurance for more than two years can easily save 200 euros a year by switching.