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THE WORD TODAY is epistle. Example: “Easier said than done, John, when your only husband longs for his epistle-writing inamorata.” (Source: Moira Rose on “Schitt’s Creek”)

MONDAY WORD singer. It means a woman who is an accomplished nightclub singer. Example: “At first, I wondered out loud why a competitive vocal group wouldn’t go to a skilled singer? “(Source: Moira Rose)

New books

Here’s the list of new books the Blue Ridge Regional Library just received, and cataloger Melissa Chapman will have on the shelves by Thursday:

Nicholas Sparks’ “The Wish”

“The guest at the Christmas wedding” by Susan Maller

Mary Kay Andrews’ “Santa Claus Costume”

Fern Michaels’ “Santa Claus Cruise”

Heather Graham’s “The Unknown”

Book sale

You’d think the people who make a living writing would be responsible for their library books, but The Stroller remembers how the Bulletin’s group of reporters and page designers (Stroller included) in the mid-2000s flocked to the book. biannual of the library. Sales. This is because they would rack up library fines so high for forgotten books that they would have to buy used books to tide them over until they were caught up and redeemed from the librarians.

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