All I feel is sympathy for my trollers: Chetan Bhagat

When you tell him about the trolling he is subjected to on social media, he smiles that it has stopped bothering him now.

“Anyone who’s relevant gets trolled. Come on, people don’t even spare the prime minister. What can you do? You have to be someone to get trolled. But honestly, if you ask me, I feel pretty good. sad for those who spend all their time and energy on trolling. The worst part is they’re so predictable it’s not even funny anymore. I really sympathize with them, everything what they do is give celebrities a big engagement, ”he told IANS.

Best-selling author Chetan Bhagat, whose latest book ‘400 Days’ (Westland Publications) recently hit the stands, is certain it is the best work ever. For someone who’s written around nine novels and three non-fiction titles, many of which have been turned into Hindi films, the blocks have allowed focus like never before.

“In the pre-Covid era, besides writing, there was a plethora of activities that I undertook on a regular basis – events, motivational talks and a lot of travel. There were times I was on the road, then in the middle, I come back to finish a chapter of a new book. In short, a lot of distractions. However, the confinement forced me to stay at home. There was nothing I could do but to write, ”Bhagat said.

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